Boundless Love Medical ~ We treat, God heals

Who we are

About Us

Boundless Love Medical Clinic is a community based health care centre located in rural area of Mitaboni, Machakos County of Kenya. The medical clinic was established to solve the problem lack of healthcare accessibility in rural areas due to lack of hospitals and healthcare service providers. Most people in rural areas have to walk miles to access healthcare services to hospitals that lack proper facilities and skilled healthcare providers.

Our services
In Boundless Love Medical we offer free consultations, treatments and care to the vulnerable patients, and aged patients .We also offer home based care .We also offer free medical camps because many people fall sick but have no source of incomes. We seek partnerships with government and churches to help with volunteers in doing all these though sometimes its hard because of costs.

Our Vision

We delight in community service from the elderly to the children, Since Boundless Love Medical began, we have reached out to many locals who have enjoyed quality medical services despite them not having finances. More than 1,000 locals have been assisted through the free medical camps that we hold.

Challenges faced by locals

  • Lack of accessible healthcare services. People walk distant miles to find hospitals
  • Lack of healthcare service providers in rural areas
  • Lack of proper and quality medical facilities
  • Overcrowding due to lack of enough facilities
  • Constant strikes by Government healthcare service providers.
  • Lack of personal protective Equipment (PPE) protection against Covid-19.

We are committed to excellence in our service and I request that you try our services. The medical clinic has professional staff who offer high quality services. We provide free services. We also offer home based care to patients who are not able to travel to the medical care centre.