Boundless Love Medical ~ We treat, God heals

What we do

What we do

Boundless Love Medical was founded by a team of volunteers to serve communities in Kenya. The Non-Profit Organization was registered in Kenya in 2015 and aims to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in Kenya.

We focus on issues that demand immediate action and achievable result in the field of Health, Education, Agriculture, Food security and feeding the poor, Community development, Water and sanitation, Women empowerment, Church mission work and church planting and HIV aids control.

We partner with healthcare facilities and medical volunteers to offer healthcare services to communities by doing mobile or stationed clinics. We seek donors who can donate medicines and volunteer health workers to help in this area.

On education we look for sponsors who can help vulnerable children and give them scholarships, buy books, uniforms or buy food to be provided in the schools and community members that are challenged.

We train community members on agriculture and advise them on planting crops which are fruitful in specific seasons. This provides food security. If we get donors they donate seedlings, fertilizer and seeds to farmers to plant. As a 3rd world country, Kenya has always faced a lot of drought and starvation for several years and we try to work hard to see that no one can lose life because of lack of food. We are looking for retailers and donors who can donate food and we can deliver it to community members who can afford transport to pick the food from donors.

We are open to partner with well-wishers and donors to set up community projects like –libraries, toilets in the slums, water boreholes, schools, healthcare facilities, churches etc. We are open to partner with volunteers and donors to help set up Dams and set up boreholes for the communities which are challenged by lack of water for house use and livestock besides wildlife.

We empower women to start income generating projects for example businesses, micro financing and many other projects, to support their families and help children go to school.

We also help girls get back to school or train them on anything which can give them some income to support them. Church missions and church planting is one of our programs. So we partner with missions organizations and churches to work together to spread Gods word to communities.

We do this through discipleship and evangelism and bible donations to new converts. Many communities are challenged by HIV aids. We educate community members on matters related to sex and HIV aids control measures.

We also campaign locally and internationally to raise public awareness on global issues, and resources mobilization to implement its mandate, and to mobilize people and build alliances with diverse partners, private sector, NGOs, CBOs, international organizations, linking grassroots, national and global struggles change policy, in order to contribute and promote the development of our country.

Working Hours

Our clinic is open 24/7, Monday to Sunday.