Boundless Love Medical ~ We treat, God heals


We a have open opportunities to;

  • Volunteers – with or without medical background, you can help in the clinic or during outreach services under specialized health workers. You can volunteer as an individual and also as a team.
  • Medical and Pre medical students-These are able to work alongside with our skilled workers by offering healthcare services to patients. We have internship programs for students and medical students. You can come as a team or as an individual.

Volunteers can commit to work for a minimum of 1 week up to any time period they want. We have volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

One can volunteer and combine the volunteering with excursions/safaris if they are interested. There are other non related medical volunteer opportunities.

Medical/Premedical will do the following; –

  • Recording the patients.
  • Measuring BP.
  • Getting spacemen’s in the laboratory.
  • Counting the patients.
  • Packing drugs from pharmacy.
  • Help the pregnant mothers and also helping during delivery period.
  • Can help in giving vaccinations.
  • Cleaning equipment used in the hospital.
  • Dentists may help in the Dentistry department.
  • May help in dressing wounds.
  • Cleaning the wounds.

Note: There are other extra optional duties.

What Volunteers  will get;

  • Certificate,
  • Airport pick up
  • Supervision
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals